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Parking management system

Parking management system implementation into a control system of barrier/garage door openers.

introduces a new modern device that allows to automate the functioning process of a parking facility and a barrier opener accordingly.  A Parking management system & RFID-module gives an opportunity to drivers to enter/exit a parking facility without wasting time while an owner of a parking lot or a garage can track and keep record of vehicle movements.  

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Benefits of a new automated access parking management system:

  • You do not need to leave a vehicle.
  • Driver’s hands are free and no need to waste time while searching for a remote control to open a garage door or pushing any buttons.
  • In and out process has no delay.  
  • Vehicles record keeping: the system has check-in/check-out control.  
  • Parking entry control: the system allows to ban an entry for certain vehicles.
  • Low price of equipment and RFID-cards in comparison with purchasing remote controls.  
  • Additional saving: no need to hire a guard to check ID before entering a parking lot.
  • Multipurpose use: a RFID-module system can be used at various types of barrier/garage door openers.  
  • Performance and simplicity: plastic cards with RFID-chips are resistible to temperature differentials, waterproof and have a long period of production activity without any recharging.  

After fixing a card with RFID-chip to a vehicle, a garage door that has a special reader will open automatically. A module "Parking management system" sends a data about a driver and a vehicle from a distance of 0-12 meters.  

Application field:

  • Card check system in big enterprises;
  • Automated parking of a business center;
  • Automated barrier opener to enter a private community.

Implementation in work

Experience has shown that a purchase of a card with a RFID-chip is 10 times cheaper for a driver than a purchase of a remote control. For an enterprise such system implementation gives an opportunity to keep records and to have more effective control over in and out process of a vehicle.

Transition to automated barrier/garage door system does not incur significant expenses. The module is easily connected to garage doors and barriers of any type. Equipment installation requires time minimum and technology cost has a weighty benefit over other entry systems.