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Automated cloakroom

Why is the automated cloakroom so popular?

The answer is clear! Retrieval of garments with the help of a convenient garment conveyor to any theater guest, concert venue visitor, fitness club member, museum visitor or any other event goer looks much more comfortable and modern than a retrieval of garments performed by ordinary cloakroom attendants. And from the owners’ point of view automated cloakroom creates less expenses – its cost is recovered in a matter of months. A garment conveyor itself is more space effective than ordinary cloakroom hangers. The whole cloakrooms, conveyors with the needed quantity of hanger spots   take up less space than before their modernization.

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Where is the automated cloakroom used now?

  • It’s very convenient and attractive to be located in gyms, fitness clubs, and entertainment centers. Its use does not demand a big number of cloakroom attendants and it takes a bit of space. The automated system and RFID reading provide with a quick items search and quick garments discharge, all this is highly evaluated by customers.
  • Garment conveyor – is the best option to serve personnel with maximum efficiency. Each token has embedded RFID chip that helps to identify automatically its user and deliver items into his hands. It’s possible to install multiple levels garment conveyor that significantly reduces the occupied area and accordingly accommodates more garments.    
  • Theaters and concert venues, museums – all these public facilities will switch to the automated cloakroom in the future. It allows to reduce the cloakroom workforce, to decrease labor expenses and at the same time it brings more comfort to visitors and more efficiency to retrieval process.  
  • Any other facilities which have a big visitors flow in a seasonal peak (medical centers, hospitals, swimming pools) can estimate all benefits given by automated garment conveyor.  RFID system by identifies a garment owner, discharges items basing on a chip reading, the chip is embedded into a cloakroom token (or waterproof wristband).  

You can contact a system manufacturer, FRESH USA Inc. in order to install an automated cloakroom, garment conveyor. It does not matter what scope of activity your company or business has and how many hanger slots you need in a garment conveyor. It’s possible to make an individual design of an automated cloakroom for any premises.  Installation is done quickly and easily, as well as system operation that is easy to manage and to understand by everyone.  
RFID – are new technologies that save time and money!