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Automated uniform system

Smart storage – innovative automated uniform system solution.

If you install a smart storage system in your company or implement this modern automated uniform storage or work gear storage solution in your industry, employees can easily and promptly collect or return their items. That is why you do not need to engage a cloakroom attendant for dispensing garments and to control the whole process to avoid thefts. When the employee retrieves the items in the automated storage, the system registers the retrieval for each employee individually.     

How does the automated uniform storage function together with RFID technologies?

  • Each employee in the company has a personal RFID card (a waterproof wristband can be used) with embedded chip.
  • After placing a RFID card on a reader, the user will be identified and the automatic door for uniform opens.
  • One set of uniform is allocated to each user’s chip and has its own spot in the automatic garments conveyor. The management software and modern devices of the system control this process.   
  • After all, through the automatic door for uniform the user gets his set of uniform and work gear. And it happens at a blink of an eye!   

In industries the automated uniform storage is able to block an access to other people’s items, to block the automatic door for uniform when an unauthorized person attempts to open it. The area of the automated cloakroom, the system’s complexity, its functions – all these points are defined individually by a uniform storage owner at the moment of the system’s installation basing on his requirements and goals.  

You can install the automated uniform storage, organizing several automatic doors for retrieval and several garments conveyors that are functioning simultaneously. You may track the time of uniform retrieval for each employee and register how many times the automatic door for uniform was open in a certain period of time by each employee etc. (not only uniform can be managed but any other stored items as well). Each employee has his own RFID card that is easily identified by his name.

Moreover, you do need special knowledge or professional education to manage an operation of the automated uniform storage. After equipment and system devices installation, the system serves users in automatic mode.

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RFID – these are new technologies that simplify way of life and save your money!