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Automatic uniform distribution

Storage with automatic self serve door for  RFID uniform distribution.

Technologies are penetrating more and more into each scope of human activities on a daily basis. Technologies make business processes automated and give you labor savings. Such entities as warehouses, factories, hospitals, public caterings, hotels, casinos expect to have uniforms or special work wear. 

Usually it takes a lot of time to distribute uniforms, special work wear or other gear. With the help of RFID technologies this issue can be solved simply and easily in addition to that you reduce the wardrobe staff. 

The first thing that is broadly used are automated conveyors for retrieval. The second one is ID system that uses ID cards which can also be as an access check. And the third one is an automatic self serve door for uniform distribution. Get innovative automatic uniform distribution!

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In total it works as following: the staff member approaches the automatic self serve door for uniform distribution and places his ID card on the ID system and a conveyor brings a uniform to the door of a needed size and parameters. There is no possibility to take a someone else’s uniform unit because the special device is blocking an access to other uniform units. Of course it’s a computer controlled system together with RFID technologies.  

How does it work?! Each garment or gear has an embedded RFID chip that is allocated to a certain conveyor spot and given to a precise staff member in a computer data base. The staff member comes to work and places his ID card on an automatic self serve door and a conveyor brings to a door his or her uniform unit. If a staff member returns his uniform to a laundry or dry-cleaning, then there is a special isolated compartment for soiled garments. When a clean garment is in storage, a storage attendant scans a chip again and loads uniform on a conveyor. And it starts all over again. 

This completely easy system gives you a short time for search and distribution of a needed garment. It reduces wardrobe staff that was busy with sorting, searching, carrying and distributing. This system has a friendly user interface and a user help screen and other sound and light signals..  The automatic self serve doors for uniform distribution can be equipped with LED screen for commercial and information, a dashboard camera, illumination, an electromagnetic lock, a card reader for different types of cards, an alarm signal for an open door or invalid operation. 

The staff of such entities that use these automatic doors can evaluate this system on its merits. And the owners reduce wardrobe operating costs, when they get a new automatic uniform distribution

RFID technologies always save your money.