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Automated uniform storage

Automatic uniform system

Аutomated uniform systems.
For the issuance of uniforms, clothes and other things.
RFID technology is used.

The uniform smart storage system allows to retrieve garments and other items quickly. The user leans a RFID card or a wristband on a reader and gets his uniform set. With a help of software and technologies, the user’s gear is sorted automatically and placed into a correspondent slot on a garment conveyor. It can unite several garments conveyors at a time and several automatic doors for uniform and other garments. Due to special devices in automatic doors, an access is banned to other user's garments. All this thanks to automated conveyors uniform distribution and RFID technology. The system has a theft protection function.


The system is projected basing on storage premises and considering staff quantity.

The delivery set includes all needed expendable materials including:
- access cards, wristbands with RFID chips;
- RFID tags washable for uniforms;
- specific hangers;
- uniform cases (resistant to multiple laundry, dry-cleaning);
- automated uniform management system.

Uniform Systems

Uniform Systems are truly worth the investment for business owners. Uniform Systems provide the storage, space, and automation needed to keep the workplace organized and safe from theft. Uniform Systems allow for employees to retrieve their things without needed a coat checker or middle man to do so. Uniforms Systems are the best service to ever happen to the workplace.

Automated Uniform Systems clearly serve a great purpose and the service is second to none when it comes to keep track of employee uniforms. Employees need Automated Uniform Systems to not only keep track of their uniforms but to also keep their personal belongings safe and from getting to the hands of a not so nice employee. Because Uniforms are essential in the workplace, many employees take pride in how well they keep their uniforms in good shape. What Uniform Systems does is allow for employees to retrieve the uniform that they have paid for through RFID technology designed by Fresh USA inc., that embeds a chip onto a token or waterproof bracelet that they can use to identify their uniform. This advanced technology makes it easy for employees to feel secure in their workplace, knowing that their uniform is easily identified, secured from a control room, and kept in storage away from other employees uniforms.

Uniform Systems allows this to be possible for them. It would really pain an employee to have paid for their uniform just to have it stolen or mixed up with someone else’s, so to avoid all of that purchasing a Uniform System and implementing it in the workplace is definitely something that employees should and must do to keep their employees happy and ready to work everyday. 

Uniform Systems also save employees from having to purchase multiple uniforms because of the fact that they not only retrieve the uniforms for them everyday, but they also take them back and wash and dry them, having them ready for the next day, which is really amazing, considering how much time and energy it would take for an employee to wash their uniform every day, on top of having to take care of their other duties in and outside of the workplace. The leverage that uniform systems clearly provide for employees is definitely worth the investment. Uniform Systems are definitely a nice perk for employees to want to come in and put their best foot forward everyday. 

Saving $$$ 

Uniform Systems also save employers time, money, and space, not to mention a headache.. Because of the RFID technology that is used to operate Uniform Systems, it definitely saves employers the money it would take to really pay for someone to keep their employees uniforms organized, washed and ready to go everyday. No one has to be physically standing there to give employees their uniforms because the Uniform System simply retrieves their uniforms in record time and without a problem. Uniform Systems also save employers the time they would have to take to make sure that they employ someone with integrity and who pays attention to detail to take care of all of their employees uniforms and personal identification information.

*It is as clear as day and obvious to see that Uniform Systems are not only GREAT for the workplace, but they are essential for saving time, space and energy. Uniforms Systems create the organization and automation that every business needs.



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