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What level have automated parking and access control reached nowadays? If we view the latest innovative solutions, we can see that soon a driver will totally ignore garage doors or barriers when enter a parking facility, residential complexes or company’s parking lots. For those who have a parking permit such as a RFID card with an embedded chip fixed to a vehicle, they will have all barriers open automatically.

No remote controls, no buttons or stops – just free hands! This concept is used in a new and convenient RFID control module for parking, barrier openers and various garage doors openers – it’s a functional and low priced device developed by Fresh USA Inc.

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What is operating principle? It’s all about a fixed RFID–card (a sticker/chip) at any visible/invisible spot in a vehicle.  A card allows control a barrier opener in the proper sense of the word – it means hands free. When a vehicle approaches a closed parking facility, parking system reads automatically a chip embedded in a RFID card, and a barrier opener/garage door is open automatically. Read range for an automated parking system is set from 0 up to 12 m. As consequence we get vehicle parking card system and RFID card parking lot that also bring additional benefits. Such system works instead of us!

If we often say that amenities are always high-priced, in this case we have opposite, a use of this automated parking system allows save a significant amount of money – for all participants: owners of parking lots and companies, as well as vehicle owners. 

A system implementation with a RFID module for automated parking, company’s access control has a low-cost price and it’s done in a few seconds. This multipurpose parking system is connected to any devices of barrier openers or garage doors. 

Companies, using access control system, can get a very high productivity from RFID control module! You can connect the computer software to a reader and track access control, track the traffic lot, fix the time of opening a barrier for each vehicle driver, prohibit in/out for a specific vehicle, keep the records. 

Drivers that are using this parking control module will get even more benefit. RFID card price is 10 times lower than a cost of a remote control for barrier openers. These cards are waterproof, have no need to be recharged or connected to any power supply.

RFID control module for barrier openers and various garage doors provides automated parking entry or passing through access control system of a new level of quality. , already equips parking lots, companies, garage doors and barrier openers with such vehicle parking card system.

RFID – new technologies that save your money!