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Cloakrooms for industries

Cloakrooms for industries.

Automated process for a convenient search and performance
Functional cloakroom – is a possibility to organize more convenient conditions for staff work.  From now on a safe storage for outer garments became possible in the companies with a staff more than 1000 employees. There is no longer need to waste time on hiring additional personnel for cloakroom service. An automated system search allows to reduce time and space but at the same time to increase storage volume. 
Due to one- or two –tier conveyors even a big manufacturing facility can present safe and convenient garments storage in a cloakroom.
We have designed an original system for tracking garments.
Your employees get personal ID cards, tokens with embedded RFID chips. Later an access to a conveyor spot is performed only with the help of such card. 
Data that are contained in a chip can be used as an access authorization card. This is an additional benefit that helps control employees.
Work experience has shown: for an effective use of an automated conveyor system, e.g. a system with 1150 spots, you need only 1 maintenance employee. This upgrading saves your money.
Digital accuracy for modern manufacturers  
Due to digital automation, time on items search is reduced dramatically. Therefore you can serve more people within the shorter period of time. 
It’s important, especially, when it’s a priority for you how much time an employee has for manufacturing. Industries owners that have more than 1000 employees know about an importance of labor management. 
The peculiarities of digital conveyor control

  • It uses priority function for a queue.
  • It allows to search basing on a number (a remote terminal).
  • It has a foot control (pedal) and a manual one.
  • It gives a possibility to control a chain of conveyors simultaneously.
  • It can be integrated into a garment tracking system (a program integration). 
  • It stores several requests in memory.
  • It allows to enter additional data about the customers in the correspondent data base.

All these points give a chance to decrease a path of a garment to user’s hands and guarantee items’ security.
Automated cloakroom – is an innovation that facilitates your business operation and saves your money by refusing from additional personnel and space.