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garage opener

A breakthrough in a control of barrier and garage door openers.

RFID module use for a total control.

Protracted opening of a garage door, waiting for a barrier to open, a line for parking in front of business centers – all this nightmare is over.  Why do you make your employees and customers wait to enter a parking facility? And why do you need to hire a special guard who will check ID at the entry if we already have the technologies that ease an access process?  

A special card with a RFID-tag sends all necessary data to a reader to open a garage door and lift a barrier. An automated parking means that a vehicle owner using this card will have a barrier open in no time.  

There is no longer need to search for a remote control to open a garage door or to a push a button or to look for your ID!  

RFID-parking module – it’s:

  • A hands-free mode;
  • An automatic opening of barriers, garage doors
  • In and out without any delays;
  • An easy handling.

To use all these benefits you just need to adhere a plastic card or a sticker with a RFID tag to your vehicle. A vehicle parking card system simplifies significantly a parking life of a vehicle owner.  

That is just the beginning. Actually all these features of automated barrier and garage door openers system simply impress:

  • RFID-module flexibility – it can connect to any barrier and garage openers;
  • Reading range from 0 up to 12 meters – a driver does not need to slow down and wait for a barrier to open: automated garage opener is activated immediately;
  • Easy handling – a RFID-chip does not need to be recharged or to replace batteries. This module is waterproof and it works even during temperature differentials;
  • Low price – one sticker with a RFID-chip costs 10 times cheaper than a standard parking remote control;
  • Vehicle record keeping – data about a chip owner is entered in enterprise data base: it’s an in and out control and also a possibility to ban an entry to an unauthorized vehicle basing on specified criteria.

How does it work?

  • A card with a RFID chip is fixed in a vehicle;
  • A special reader identifies data from a chip at the moment of approaching to a barrier/garage opener;
  • Distant reading type – automation allows opening a barrier/garage door without any delays.

Thanks to modern technologies an automated vehicle parking lot is available practically to any enterprise.   

Such a card access process is a good benefit for drivers or it’s just simply the easiest and quickest way to get home or at work earlier.

In order to implement a RFID- module system for an access you do not need to install sophisticated equipment or spend significant amounts of money.  

In the long run, when you implement such technology on your parking facility, you do not create just additional conveniences but you save money and time as well.