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Laundry software

Laundry software for rental service.

Textile Rental Service Providers to Benefit from New Software for Laundry rfid_laundry_software

 Leading provider of RFID solutions, Fresh USA, has announced the launch of an innovative software for laundry - a system designed to prote

ct the inventory of Textile Rental service providers and also improve efficiency in the industry. This software has been tested and successfully operates in the network of industrial laundries "Blesk InCare", the largest suppliers of textiles rental services.

 This laundry software is a full laundry tracking system that unites several lease takers into unified data base. With this new technology, Textile Rental providers will be able to manage linen outside and inside the laundry.

Included in the tracking system for laundry are laundry software, RFID hardware and RFID tags which prevent against theft and loss. The tags can either be sewn on to the textiles or pressed on without arousing any suspicion to the security protection.

The software is compatible with Windows XP 7/8/9&10. It seamlessly provides statistical reporting, inventory count of products' life cycle and reduces labor expenses. It offers textile rental service providers great flexibility as it is able to deliver full mobile inventory control within minutes.

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At the heart of the design of this laundry software is its user-friendly appeal. It features a touch screen interface that interacts with an anti-theft system. Users are even able to add any super structures that they desire. If needs be, the company can design additional laundry applications. What's more is that the software interface can be configured to display any language.

CEO of Fresh USA Leri Tomin, said: "We are pleased to offer this dynamic technology that will solve many of the problems faced by those who manage laundry. The software is efficient and cost effective asset that will pay for itself over and over again."

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