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Parking management software

Smart RFID solution for the parking management software.

Do you have to wait for your identification in the queue? The ticketing system on the tollwaysand drivewayshave long queues especially during the working hours or on weekends? Then the wait is over. Now the permit solution has made parking and ticketing system very easy and quick. RFID identification for cars has included parking permits which enable the drivers to park the vehicle directly in the available parking space.

RFID parking solution has enabled to manage the identification of permit holdersquick, and they are now happy because the technology has improved the parking management software. The system is very flexible and easy to implement. The software is designed in a user-friendlyway, and anyone with little knowledge can understand the configuration used in the software.

The RFID tags are attached to every permitted vehicle which stores the user’s data, personal details, driving license information, check in and check out timings and the vehicle information. The check in and check out details keeps on updating in the database. If the user car is not tagged with an electronic chip, then he/she can make the user electronic card which also behaves as an entry permit. The reader will scan the RFID card or tag at the entrance or exit, and the barrier will open to allow the driver for parking.

The software is ideal for the authorized parking, especially in the leisure facilities. It is perfectly designed for various customers and staff members, even the attendance system in the offices can be marked with the embedded chips in the ID cards at the entrance of the office or schools.  The parking management software will stop the unauthorized entry, and even the misuse of cars will also be eliminated. The identification of the user will be instant, and no one will be able to abuse the space in the parking lots especially in the local areas.

The technologies are providing countless benefits and ease in every possible manner. The RFID parking management software can also be integrated with mobile and office computer systems so that the managers will be able to keep track of the employees.