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Locker for towels RFID

Locker for towels - Prevent towel theft

Key features of the cabinet for issue and return towels. Prevent towel theft.
(software solution Anti-Theft 2.0 / Locker for towels)

  • Protection against property stealing (anti-theft) at several hotel’s entrances or exits.
  • Event logging. Data base maintenance for different classification data and designations.
  • Audiovisual notice of alleged theft.
  • Connectivity of RFID reader UHF long-range.
  • Possibility of distant mobile stocktaking.
  • Keep tracking of goods turnover (relocation to stock, receipt, outcome, disposal).
  • Connectivity of computerized locker for goods distribution-return.

Dimensions: Length 6,89 ft (2,1 m)   Width 3,28 ft (1 m )  Height 6,56 ft (2 m)

Locker towel_locker



stealing towels from the gym

Locker for towels / Cabinet for towels

Main functions:

  • It consists of two separate compartments: for clean and soiled items.
  • Access by RFID cards, wristbands, chips.
  • Audiovisual notice, if a clean towels compartment is almost empty.
  • Audiovisual notice, if a return compartment is full.
  • Items tracking in both compartments. History.
  • Anti-theft, anti-steal function.

...stealing towels from the gym, stealing towels from hotels now impossible!

Locker for towels / Towel tracker

Towel tracker / Locker for towels