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RFID parking management

Park your car smartly with RFID parking.

The parking management system requires an updated and innovative system so that the cars must be apark in sequence and in a quick way. Busy people gets frustrated with the manual ticketing and identification because they have to wait in a queue for a long time.

FRESH USA Company provides the RFID solution, and the results are impressive with the automated vehicle identification. The technology has improvised the toll roads and many driveways for opening gates of parking areas and garages. The driver must be an electronic card holder, or car must have a tag embedded in the windshield or on the front side of thecar.

The RFID parking software enables to control and manage the environment because of the tag system. As the technology is not new anymore so the RFID tags are available in the market at low price. It makes the entry and exit more secureespecially to areas where theunauthorized vehicle is not allowed. The technology can be applied to the existing barriers and check posts to provide a simple way for unique hands-free identification for cars.

The technology has many benefits and is expandable as well. The in-house system can also be designed for the smart parking in the garage. The installation of the parking software is very easy to understand because of its user-friendly configuration. More than 400 members registered for tag technology in the last four months to improve the way of parking.

The quality and peace of mind are guaranteed with the efficient parking system. The entry and exit for vehicles are now in a quick way at single or multiple points. The vehicles can also be monitored at any place like institutions, offices, parking lots, or malls.

The advanced technology assured the security of vehicles and data can easily be retrieved via RFID cards or tags. Tags cannot be removed easily from the car. They broke down into pieces if anyone tries to remove it from the vehicle. Now have a permit for your car parking with the instant identification. The time for parking will be minimized and enhance the customer satisfaction.