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RFID parking management system

Smart parking technology is transforming the parking management.

More than 500000 vehicles are on the road, from morning till late night in the busy cities like London, New York oftencomplains about the limited space in the parking areas. Finding a suitable parking for your car is not as easy. A person has to look at many factors like moving traffic, servicing, and capacity. The stress keeps on increasing especially for the people who park their cars in the local areas.

The Fresh USA now introduces the innovative RFID parking management system. The RFID technology is used and embedded in the cars. The electronic tags contain the driver details like driver license information, and the tag helps to store the check in and check out time, the parking lot number and vehicle information.

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The RFID parking is easy and quick to install. The configuration is user-friendly and can be understood in less than an hour. The interface of thesoftware is available in various languages like Spanish, French, English and Russian. Parking software can be installed on the old entrance barriers and at differentcheckpoints.

The cars will have embedded tags on the windshield or inside the car which will be detected by the reader. The barrier will automatically open after the identification of the driver. The tags are now available in the market at alowprice, and around 400 million people worldwide have registered for the tag system. A tag embedded in the car is water, heat, and dust resistant. If someone tries to remove the RFID tag, from the car, it will break into pieces, and the driver has to register for the chip again.

The future implementation of the RFID parking system will be more efficient regarding the payment options. The feewill addin the drivers tag account, and deduction will be made from thebank.

However the RFID parking software has improvised the management system and any unauthorized, and illegal vehicle cannot enter the premises of any restricted area. The solution has been implemented in many countries and proved to be successful and have improved the traffic flow. Now the drivers do not have to stress for looking space into the parking area.