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RFID parking system

Smart Park your car in less time.

Cars parked on roads, in front of schools and shopping malls cause more traffic and congestion on theroad. The demand for cars are getting high with the passage of time, and almost 15 lakh carsare sold every year. The parking management isnow improved and innovative with the help of advanced technology.

Fresh USA has introduced RFID parking system which has made the parking system more efficient and effective. Vehicles can pass through the check post barriers and even the parking barriers without using any remote or pressing buttons.

There is a tag which is applied to the front side of the car and scanned by the reader. The gate opens after the tag is identified. The tag can be a sticker, card or anything embedded in the front side of your car.

The RFID software can easily be installed on the computer and configuration of the system can be understood quickly within an hour. The RFID solution is very efficient for garages, institutions, and different campuses.

The automated system opens the barriers in the parking lots and allows for parking in a smart and quick way. When the vehicle enters the garages, a tag is scanned by the reader at the check post and after the proper identification,reader automatically opens the gate. The car must be at adistance of 12m from the scanner. The tag embedded in the car is water and dust resistant. The tags of thecar are available in low price and can be placed anywhere inside the vehicle.

The RFID parking software contains vehicle information, check in and check out time, entry and exit ban, the license owner information, record of car and presence of acar in the specific parking number.

Many companies and institutions have upgraded their parking system, and RFID parking software can be installed on the previous barriers as well. It is one of the most successful development provided by the FRESH USA. The smart parking system proves to be the most reliable and efficient one. So park your car smartly in the parking lots.