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Smart towel locker to prevent towel theft

Discover the Towel Tracker and Its Innovative Technology.

Technology is always moving forward and one hot new invention, the Towel Locker, is designed to help businesses which lend towels to customers to keep track of their towel supplies. The Towel Locker works via RFID technology.

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towel_lockerOne high-tech RFID chip is placed in each towel in the inventory and each chip gives administrators the opportunity to track where their towels are throughout each customer's experience at his or her preferred fitness center, hotel or spa. Customers are asked to scan their IDs for the facilities. After scanning, they get their towels.

The towels get scanned when guests receive them and they are scanned another time after being placed in return bins. This means that less towels go missing or disappear forever. Towels not being returned is typically a big and expensive problem. The monitoring is a deterrent to towel theft or leaving received towels in the wrong places once they have been used. It's a great solution which reduces the overall towel loss by thirty to forty percent.

This technology was created by partners from different countries and it's a cost-effective way to track towels and stop towel disappearance and misplacement. Currently, this technology is used in various recreational and sports centers.

This type of RFID technology makes tracking items a total breeze and it could be adapted in order to keep track of other types of inventories. It's a great way to ensure that every single item in an inventory is accounted for and, therefore, has great promise in terms of helping facilities to keep inventory under tighter control. It's possible that usage of the towel tracking system will spread in the future, since it's.

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This Invention May Really Take Off

ose or by mistake.working well currently. It's definitely a great piece of technology which has the power to help facilities managers lower the cost of operation. Since towels are tracked, customers are much less likely to throw them in sports bags and take them home, on purp

Now that you know exactly what the Towel Locker is and how to use it, you may be interested in accessing this exciting new form of technology for yourself. We believe in this new technology and producers has definitely pushed the envelope in terms of helping others to access impressive benefits for a reasonable price. In the future, the cost of adding RFID chips to items and accessing equipment and software for tracking RFID-chipped items may become even lower.

The Towel Locker system is designed to provide great advantages and it's available today. Googling the system once in a while will allow you to find out if any other facilities are adopting this innovative form of technology for themselves.

Towel loss costs facilities money. This means that they need to cut corners elsewhere in order to replace towels and manage towels. This new technology should boost the bottom lines of businesses by providing them with practical ways to lower operating costs each month.

Towel tracker

Smart towel locker to prevent towel theft.

One of the common question raised by many gyms, hotels, swimming pool centers and spas that how to prevent towel theft? Now you cannot chec

k your guests or customers belongings at every recreation center and of course, it looks out of style.
If you docheck at the entrance and exit, then be sure no customer will wish to be a member of your gym or fitness center.

The owners are tired to renew and replace the stock consistently and have reported that the loss of luxury items has been increasing from last year. There must be an anti-theft system for towels because renewing the stock proved to be very expensive.



Fresh USA has introduced a solution of thesmart cabinet which consist of RFID technology specially designed for the towels system. Now not a single linen will leave the premises of
your center. The towel locker is automated and is rely on the customer self-service approach. The RFID system will be useful in many ways. It will help to organize towel inventory and will trace them from adistance. The electronic cabinet guarantee anti-theft 100%. 

Customers with embedded chips can only have access to the towel locker. For the staff members, there is a unique audio and light notification system which informs the employee to refill the cabinet. A particular message is sent to the staffsystem from the cabinet software. The cabinet software also stores the towel quantity and keeps the history. The staff will be able to see every detail on the computer and mobile which is integrated with the RFID cabinet software. The center also has ascanner which will scan every linen going through the exit because each towel is embedded with achip so that if any guest or member attempts to carry a towel with themselves, an alarming sound will inform the staff to Cabinet consists of two large sections for clean and dirty linen. The section for clean linen provides sterility with the germicidal lights while the other section consists of thehopper for soiled garments.

prevent towel theft.

The system is quick and fast, ensuring anti-steal protection.