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Towel management system

Towel management system – is a high level of service and anti steal option.

While visiting sport gyms, recreation centers, you’re constantly surprised how easily and fast new technologies are getting into our life. You have a possibility to have a new sport vision training programs without engaging a personal instructor, unique personal trainings are offered, as well as exercises, exercise machines and treatment are at your disposal. All doors and lockers in locker rooms are open by ID cards or wristbands.

One very important thing is often left behind this know-how- a towel / robe dispensing. As practice shows, in the majority of cases textile quality, its composition and dispensing leave a lot to be desired. All the efforts of owners to attract customers using new technologies are spoiled by reckless negligence. But how all these centers that are spending loads of money on high technologies are not able to solve this tiny problem but of a big value?!

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Far-sighted owners have solved this problem by installing towel dispensing and return locker,thereforethey make sure that textile of a good quality remains clean, fresh and have a longer usable life, as well as they control dispensing and return processes. The locker itself consists of two compartments: clean and soiled.

A clean compartment is equipped with towel storage rack and a germicidal lamp that helps to keep a compartment sterile – as relevant towels/robes will be always clean and fresh. An access to this compartment is possible only with a club member card or an ID wristband, avoiding an access to unauthorized people. When a quantity of clean textile is becoming low, a front-desk administrator will get a text and voice message about refilling a compartment with clean items. The message alert will stop if only a clean compartment is refilled.

A soiled compartment is equipped with a cart for collecting used items. When leaving a gym, a customer drops a used towel / robe into the return compartment through a drop-hole. The same message alert is activated when a return compartment is full.

In line with that the system has anti steal towel solution.  Stealing happens almost in all sport gyms. This system is installed at exits or near a front-desk, each towel/robe has embedded RFID chip. Now market has a lot of offers for RFID tags that are easily embedded and have a longer life cycle than a garment itself. They are water and temperature resistant. This system is simple, reliable and friendly user.  

Towel dispensing andreturn locker and anti steal towelsystem areoperating as a whole. The main principal of workis RFID technology.

Thus, what we have, using towel management system:

  • always clean and fresh textile of a high quality;
  • anti steal textile (towels / robes);
  • statistics of textile rotation;
  • production effectiveness and automatic performance (there is no need for an employee for dispensing and collecting textile);
  • satisfied customers.