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Towels theft protection

Towels theft protection.

Many owners of fitness clubs, swimming pools, golf clubs and beauty-spa manage their wellness centers basing on a right model of business processes. Many of them use customer-oriented approach. But only a few take care of financial costs. But costs emerge in every sphere. Foremost costs are visible for textile products use specifically towels. 

Towels are worn out from use or sometimes they simply disappear. Or they just can be taken by a club member. Is it possible to ensure towels theft protection?

Yes, it is. The situation can be changed radically by implementing towels theft protection that has a computerized locker for towels tracking.

This system is an innovation and RFID technologies found its application within the system. Each towel or other textile garment has an embedded tiny RFID chip, practically invisible and slightly sensible. Such tags can perfectly resist to aggressive environment, water,temperature and physical action. Due to technologies development, tags price has decreased lately and has become affordable as well as the price of towels theft protection.

The locker for clean and returned towels has two strictly isolated units: one section is for clean towels, the second one is for used ones. The clean towel unit has a glass door with electromagnetic lock that a club member can open easily using his membership card or ID wristband and take a clean towel.

When finishing a visit, a club member drops a used towel in a return towel unit that contains a removable cart where these towels go.

The locker is equipped with special reading devices that relay the information to an administrator’s computer together with towels theft protection system. For instance, if the clean towel unit is empty or it has just few towels, the administrator will get voice alert to his computer and text message will pop up on the computer screen. If the return towel unit is full and the cart is needed to be removed, the administrator will get voice and text messages as well on his computer screen. 

This system is suitable because customers of welness centers never come across with a lack of clean towels or other textiles and they will always have high-quality service. It also reduces costs for hiring extra housekeeping employees.

In addition to these convenient and cost-saving functions, the locker is equipped with a system of towels theft protection. Due to this system, when a towel is carried out of a welness club entrance, an administrator will get an alert signal and a notice displayed on a computer screen about a snatched linen, its unique ID code, name and type. All this is becoming available due to integrated RFID technologies.

RFID technologies always save your money and provide with a right management solution!