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Equipment for laundry

Laundry equipment and its pay-back period


If someone racks his brains how to earn, there is an interesting idea for business – to open a laundry or dry- cleaner. The only thing you need for that is to buy necessary laundry equipment or  replace your old equipment with a new one. We often get questions what commercial laundry equipment  is better to choose.  In fact th

e equipment has two inseparable requirements: performance reliability and pay-back period.

It’s much cheaper to buy Chinese laundry equipment but is it a safe option?  Of course, laundry equipment manufactured somewhere in China is cheap but it’s not worth buying it without a warranty. But is it reasonable to pay double price only for a European or American brand? 

We have been comparing for many years different manufacturing companies of laundry equipment using criteria “price and quality”, so we presume to advise you commercial laundry equipment produced by trusted Chinese company «Tanger”. More than 11 years under the leadership of professional engineers and research workers this company has been producing guaranteed reliable laundry and dry-cleaner’s equipment that is exported to 30 countries in the world.  

details here Among extensive product line of this company: there are automated machines for dry cleaning, ironing machines, ironing mangles, flatwork dryer-ironers, various washing machines, drying machines, medical, tunnel washers/form finishers, dry cleaning machines, folders, packing equipment.

As you can see this product line of Tanger can equip your laundry from top to bottom, you choose necessary laundry equipment and pay very reasonable price. For reference:

  • Tanger equipment price is 1,5-2 times lower in comparison with European or American alternatives.
  • Productivity or main parameters of this option and branded alternatives are absolutely identical. Therefore, return per 1 working hour will be equal as well. 
  • Due to low price, pay-back period would be twice shorter! 
  • And this laundry equipment is of high quality and time proven. It’s more important – you get warranty and customer support in your country.

Our company is a sole distributor of Tanger laundry equipment and apart from direct sale of laundry equipment, we provide full technical support.   Critical spares and expendable material are always in stock. At any time you can ask for assistance. That is the best proof of safety and long-lasting guarantee of work.

If you decide to open a laundry, dry-cleaner or you just want to replace your old laundry equipment, please contact us.  We are always happy to advise you how to save money on laundry installation, we’ll give you a hand in equipment delivery process and we offer you only high quality options.