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Cloakroom for specific organizations

Automated garment conveyors for cloakrooms

Automatic search system of one-double decks conveyors speeds up the service time, increases storage volume with the decrease of area. As well it reduces working places at least by half.

  • Reduces operational personnel;
  • Speeds up clothes dispatch / clothes search (managed by digital system);
  • It saves space.
cloakroom_conveyor automated_cloakroom

We design and install turn key automated conveyor systems basing on any room configuration.


Before renewal

total 1150 spots

6 attendants

After renewal

total 1150 spots

2 attendants

It can be used in cloakrooms of any organization:

  • Medical facilities
  • Theatres, wardrobe departments
  • Concert halls
  • Museums
  • Uniform warehouses
  • Aquaparks, swimmingpools, fitness clubs, golf clubs.

RFID reading speeds up clothes search and dispatch.

Each tag has embedded RFID chip that makes it personal and also it can serve
as a passor access permit (E.g. pass to a locker or safebox).

Price of cloakroom conveyor type with automatic search and 280 spots

turnkey version: 3 210 $


Digital control of a conveyor

Digital system significantly decreases time search and increases service quality for clients or employees. It has all progressive functions and also can be incorporated with innovation systems. Pros of a system:

  1. Reduces path to a garment
  2. Memorizes several requests
  3. Line priority function
  4. Manual control  Forward / Back
  5. Foot control (pedal)
  6. Remote control terminal (tag search)
  7. Adopted to several decks conveyors
  8. It can control a chain of conveyors
  9. It can be easily connected to a system that has clothes tracking software
  10. Possibility to register additional clients info
  11. Possibility to integrate with other devices

Short payback period due to savings on operational personnel. Innovation, high speed, quality of service are always for your business conduct.