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RFID parking system and software

RFID parking management

Parking software is a comprehensive system based on RFID technologies that implements a 24-hour monitoring, automated calculation of vacant slots, electronic registration of in-out processes, access control.

RFID is a turnkey solution for parking lots, garages, campuses, gated communities.
Automated opening of a barrier, gate.

                                                                                          RFID Parking Management

Hands-free & Automated RFID Parking Management System Ideal for parking lots, garages, campuses,
gated communities and other vehicle control areas, this system functions by automatically opening gates
and barriers exclusively for permit holders without the need for remote controls and regardless of weather
conditions. RFID parking - this permit passage without stopping. Parking software allows you to have
detailed information about the vehicle and its owner. Parking lots, garages, campuses and gated communities
looking for a turnkey solution to their parking management can now take advantage of the new RFID parking system.

The system is totally automated that opens gates and parking barriers,
Without pressing any buttons or using any remote controls.
Each vehicle has a tag that is applied inside the windshield or any other place (it can be a plastic card or a sticker).
When a vehicle approaches a gate or parking barrier, a tag is automatically identified by a reader that opens a gate or a barrier.

gate parking RFID UHF  gate parking Automation RFID UHF

An identification distance varies from 0 ft / m up to 35 ft / 12 m

Hands free

Water resistance


A tag is not needed for charging

A RFID card, tag, sticker is attached at any visible or invisible place inside a vehicle 

Low price of a card (tags)

barrier parking RFID  barrier parking RFID UHF

Invisible installation is possible


1st set. Easy control system includes the following:

A reader connected with a principal controller that has an embedded memory and RFID UHF cards.

RFID reader for parking  Controller for parking rfid  Tag RFID UHF parking

A quantity of cards is defined by a customer.

A card can have a logo or any other information upon customer’s requets.


2nd set. RFID parking management software included. Software is available for Windows, for spacious parking lots. Parking software free!

User Manual RFID parking                                                  VIDEO parking software

software rfid parking  parking tag RFID

The main function Parking Management Software:

  • a vehicle information
  • a license owner information
  • presence / absence at a parking lot
  • check in / check out
  • entry / exit ban
  • records of vehicles
  • software interface English, Spanish, French and Russian.
Possible integration with another software. 

RFID parking

Breaking down RFID parking technology

We live in the middle of some very, very exciting times from a technological standpoint – and things are getting only more exciting each and every day!

We live smack dab in the middle of some of the most innovative times imaginable, and certainly in the middle of the most aggressive environments for the introduction of new advances, especially when it comes to consumer technology options. Our lives have gotten a lot easier in the process, and they are only going to get even easier as time goes on.

Radio Frequency ID (RFID) technology is ushering in a new world of convenience, and we are going to highlight amazing new advances in the world of RFID parking solutions that are completely revolutionizing gated communities, parking garages, and private residences today.

Let’s dive right in!

What is RFID parking technology, anyway?

RFID technology is similar to the technology that we all use to connect our mobile phones to our computers, our tablets, and even our vehicles (Bluetooth) with one major exception – and RFID “tag” doesn’t have to be powered by anything, but can instead be completely printed on advanced materials and still contain all of the information that RFID readers need to handle the “heavy lifting” pertaining to that data.

And this is what makes the technology so revolutionary.

Instead of having to have cumbersome technological solutions that let parking garage machines understand who has access to the garage and who does not (or how to track all of the different vehicles that are in the garage at any one particular point in time), the RFID parking solution provides all kinds of critical information to the active system in a hands-free and simplified way.

What makes RFID parking technology so special?
The thing that really makes RFID parking technology so special is the instant and hands-free transfer of the data on the RFID “card” to the RFID “reader”. Parking software free!

This is what separates the technology from the rest of the pack, and the major difference that makes it so exciting. Because RFID cards can contain so much information about pretty much anything and everything imaginable, the RFID parking system can be co-opted for use in public parking garages to allow access and collect payment for parking fees, private campus access, private parking lot access, the public adaptation of parking spaces public roadways, and even in the installation of residential garage door openers.

This is game changing stuff here, and it’s really, really exciting!

How is RFID parking technology being used today?

As mentioned above, most of the RFID parking applications out there are trending heavily towards commercial adaptation. Plastic cards or stickers containing RFID information are applied to the windshield of vehicles, and then RFID readers at public parking garages or checkpoints read the information and grant or disallow access. Parking software free!

But more and more people are implementing RFID parking technology systems into their homes, opening up access gates or garage doors without having to push any buttons. This works instantly and automatically, and it’s really streamlining the way people go about their day to day lives.


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