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RFID inventory and tracking

Unified RFID inventory system and clothing tracking

RFID inventory is a system of automated process for stock accounting, asset and property accounting that can have an efficient insight of stock movement at any period of time. The system has high accuracy and it is easy and simple to use.

One of the most advanced techniques of objects automatic identification is radio frequency identification. For its naming we use the abbreviation RFID Radio Frequency IDentification. The core of technology: it’s a possibility to attach RFID tag to an object and then to read data with the help of RFID reader.

Application examples:

RFID readers can be of two types: fixed and mobile (manual). These devices can operate one or the other way: either independently or in constant connection to the accounting system. Among fixed RFID readers you can find embedded, attached, combined types and others. They are mounted on walls, doors, and other horizontal and vertical surfaces, mounted on the table, mounted on the loader, stacking machines, conveyors, etc. They have a long range of operation, power. Fixed RFID readers track the movement of tagged objects and their location. They work simultaneously with quite a lot of labels, that can be counted up to several thousands. Typically, fixed readers track tagsthrough external antenna.

The main function of mobile RFID readers is a mobile work with RFID tags. As a rule, they have displays and run on the operating system Windows Mobile, which allows the operator to see immediately tagged objects, to work with documents or search for a specific tag (clothing) in the whole chain of conveyors. The alignment readers with the accounting program: Trade Management makes an inventory fast and easy.

RFID Inventory

Reader (a mobile terminal for data gathering)
the price $ 1,700 including software that is integrated with trade management.

How RFID Inventory Software Works. VIDEO

RFID parking system

The program is designed for automatic opening of the barrier bar to cars that have RFID placed on the windshield or the driver has a special plastic card. It allows to keep records of vehicles and drivers.

including software that is integrated with Trade management.

Software RFID parking management


Advantages of RFID-tags

Technique features  



Line of sight

Even reading hidden tags

Reading is impossible wihout direct visibility

Memory capacity

From 10 upto 512000 bytes

Upto 100 bytes

Ability to rewrite data and multipleuse of a tag



Monitoring distance

Upto 100 meters

Upto 4 meters

Simultaneous identification of several objects

Upto 200 tags per sec


Resistance to environmental impacts: mechanical, thermal, chemical, moisture

Hihg duty and resistance

It depends on applied material

Life cycle of a tag

More than 10 years

It depends on printing method and a material of a tagged object

Safety and counterfeit protection

Counterfeiting is practically impossible

Easy to counterfeit

Operating at a tag malfunction


Hindered operation

Moving objects identification


Hindered operation

Susceptibility to disturbance in the form of electromagnetic waves



Metallic objects identification



Use of both fixed and mobile terminals for identification



It can be implanted in animals or people


Hindered operation


RFID system structure

The system includes special equipment and software that enables to maintain accounting, assign numbers and track the movement of inventory. All modules of RFID-system operate on a single hardware and software platform. Due to this the data stored in one database, are available for viewing and modification to all the staff right away, who maintain accounting of inventories.

Textiles RFID solution