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Garment conveyors

Garment conveyors, what can be more convenient?!

When you’re off-stage, you’re passing by actors’ dressing rooms and you feel as if you’re enchanted by magic of art. The further you move on, the more you’re surrounded by history.

When you’re in a dressing room, you can see different historical periods, countries, cities. In front of you there are different costumes, dresses and stage-properties that you can only imagine. And all this variety of costumes is needed to be in a good condition for future theatre performances.

And a question occurs in mind, how is it possible to find a dress of a certain historical period,a certain country and of a certain hero, a dress that is needed in this very performance? Of course, you can make it if you have none. But how to find the existing one in a huge pile of costumes? Details here

The professional staff is responsible for this procedure, people who are enthused about what they do, they really devote a lot of time and efforts to this job. But they spend too much time on searching a needed costume. But if you imagine that it’s a film production company and you need costumes for a troop or a fancy-dress ball, or another crowd scene...

The progress has changed even this sphere and costume designers got a great help in the form of garment conveyors with automated identification of garments. And costume designers gave a sigh of relief. In many cases one costume designer is responsible for the whole group of actors. It’s so simple indeed to choose the needed garment from the catalogue in a special computer program and press the button to deliver.  

The automated conveyor that isequipped with a special controller can deliver easily desired costume to the spot of retrieval. Moreover, conveyors save your storage space for costumes and stage-properties, you won’t pass through the rows of clothes anymore. Conveyors can be double tier and even three-tier, it depends on ceiling height. The automated conveyor is rotating fast in the direction back and forth and quickly delivers the needed stage property. Each costume and property have its identified slot and when you need you will have it in a matter of seconds. 

Any film production company, theatre, circus that have costumes and wardrobe departments of a different size at a huge space can have such automated conveyor with automated search system that is specially projected for the certain premises. Garment conveyors forclothes storage and search are projected of different sizes and configurations with a storage capacity of 300 costumes or even up to several thousands. The outstanding feature of conveyor storage system is flexibility and possibility to be installed in different types of premises. Such automatic control reduces workload, saves your time and money, maximizes your productivity.