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Locker for towels

Discover the Latest Locker for Towels Technology.

Towels often go missing at facilities, from community centers to private fitness centers and beyond. Towel loss costs businesses money and it's a real problem as it pumps up operating costs and eats into profit margins. Luckily, there is a brand-new system which deters theft. It's a locker for towels system whereby an RFID chip is placed in each towel locker.

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This chip is placed in each "smart towel locker" and it allows facility staff to track towel inventory without hassling customers (via checks of their sports bags and so on). Customers typically hate that kind of thing, so these new towel lockers do solve a big problem. Customers don't feel like they are being interrogated and towels are still tracked. The scanning system is quite simple to use and the overall system is simple for staff members and customers to understand. locker for towels
When staff members get the "empty Hopper message", they may spring into action and place clean towels in these smart lockers. Employees won't need to check back in since cabinets are able to track towel amounts accurately. The software used for these smart cabinets is compatible with all mobile devices and computers. It's all about tracking items and where they are.

Towel Theft is a Huge Issue

Stealing towels may seem like a petty offence. However, it's still a crime and deterring this type of theft is important. Replacing towels is costly and it's something that facilities need to do far too often, simply because so many towels go missing. With these RFID-enabled cabinets at the ready, facility staff will be able to track every item and also, as a bonus, be able to take better care of staff members.

This type of technology comes from different developers, who has also created an RFID system, whereby single towels have RFID chips added and are then able to be tracked. These two systems are practical applications for towel tracking and they are very innovative.

Currently, many recreational and sports centers are using of a towel tracking system. The locker for towels system is also becoming popular with facilities in America. While this technology is still new, the systems are working just as they should be and reducing operating costs for facilities which utilize them. It's all about stopping or dramatically reducing towel theft and misplacement.

Now that you know more about the latest locker for towels technology, you will be ready to decide whether or not it's right for your sports club, local swimming pool, private gym, hotel or community center. There are so many types of facilities and businesses which will benefit from this type of technology. It's really useful and cost-effective, too. Since it's designed to pay for itself over time (and then some!), it's the type of sensible technology that facility managers and operators really need.

Be sure to check the Web once in a while to see how RFID systems for towels and lockers are being used. In the future, you may just use them yourself.

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