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Prevent textile theft from hotels

Outsmart the hotel things with the electronic chips.

Hoteliers provide the cozy and comfortable environment for their guests so they feel like a home while staying at their property. They try their best to improvise the rooms so that the guests will haveanexcellent experience.

Many guests cannot bear the temptation of having a comfortable experience at the hotels. They do take some hotel items with them before checking out. Until unless the staff does not have any proof about the missing item they cannot charge their guests for the missing item so in this regard many hotels have implemented anti-theft devices.

According to the last year report, the hotels have faced the problem of stealing towels which are more than 20 percent, and 5 percent towels and bathrobes have been taken. The automated RFID locker for towels are also introduced and proved to be very helpful, but they are the self-service cabinets which are suitable for the recreation centers.

The theft has been decreased by using the microchips in the towels. The chips are washable and cannot be easily damaged even placed under the high temperature. The embedded chips are very helpful in keeping record and count of all the linen stuff available at the hotel. Automated locker has analarming system which is only accessed by the members of embedded chip cards and wristbands otherwise the alarming system informs the hotel staff in case of stealing towels.

The integrated chips are very helpfully for the team in case of keeping arecord of theinventory system. The locker for towels has a large display which maintains arecord and countsthe inventory and for refilling alarms or view the message of Empty Hooper. The integration of the system is very easy and can be handled by mobile phones and computer system. The solution is very effective and efficient to use. The automatic scanning of the embedded chips at the entrance of hotels helps to alarm the staff that the hotel stuff has been taken out of the property. However chips cannot locate the person outside ownership of thehotel, but the staff gets to know about the guest who has made theft.