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RFID textile inventory

New generation of RFID textile inventory count

For the owners of fitness centers, hotels, gyms, spa centers, swimming pools and so forth – we have a new system of a towel and textile anti-theft, a convenient RFID towel locker for guests.  Modern, automated system, designed by FRESH USA Inc., guarantees indisputable comfort – both for business owners and their customers.

RFID textile count system in recreation centers ensures:

  • To have a possibility of shrinking expenses as a RFID cabinet, towel locker presumes customer self-service. A cabinet door opens when a RFID system scans a personal card or a wristband with an embedded chip. You do need to have an employee for towel service. A customer has no need to look for a staff who can help to retrieve a clean towel.
  • To reset to zero any thefts of towels, bathrobes or other textile. It relieves you from the necessity to build up stock constantly. Towel locker access is possible with a membership card with an embedded RFID chip; the system scans it then opens automatically a locker’s door where you get clean towels. And when somebody is trying to steal a towel, RFID anti-steal system is activated at the exit.
  • To have simplicity in work process, a convenience for personnel and an easy way to replace towels. When there is a signal “Empty hopper” which is relayed to the front computer, an employee sees that signal and re-fills empty racks with clean towels or when it’s needed, he cleans a return hopper.
  • To eliminate a duty when an employee needs to go back and forth to a towel locker and check remaining quantity of clean towels. Apart displaying sound and light signals, the computer with the integrated RFID system or any other mobile device can also keep records and track movements of each item that occurs to be in a RFID towel locker in real-time mode.  

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Each towel, each garment has an embedded RFID chip that is scanned by the system for reading and opening a locker’s door, and moreover, you have an anti-theft system at exit. All these elements help to keep records and provide towel anti-steal protection. Such tags have a long life cycle and they are water resistant. These tags are helpful in the process of retrieval/return garments in dry-cleaning and in a before-after process of laundry. Tag scanning allows to have a textile inventory count, just using a number, to store data in the computer or any mobile reader and to create an invoice for printing. At the same time data management is simple and accessible for employees of different grades.

You may contact . to get further details about your price and installation time of anti-theft towel system and RFID towel locker. New technologies save you from many problems and increase significantly your business quality.  

RFID technologies always save your money!