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Speedy inventory

Speedy inventory.

When you go to a restaurant, hotel, beauty spa, fitness club, golf club, you evidently use a tablecloth, napkins, towels, bathrobes, bed linen. Have you ever thought how many textiles you need to provide all guests with a high-quality service? 

Those facilities usually have three textile sets in stock to serve guests in due course: the first one is in current use, the second one is in stock or as a spare option, the third one is in laundry. How to calculate precisely the needed quantity of items? How to define a worn-out state of an item? How to find the exact item in a big volume of product selection?

Currently this problem is being solved by a radio-frequency identification technology (RFID speedy inventory).

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It’s easier than it looks like. One business object needs one mobile RFID reader, specific software and embedded RFID tags in each textile product. The reading distance in standard conditions is 4 meters (13,12 feet), a software integrated into the system of an object, and RFID tags embedded for the whole service period of an item.

With evolving nanotechnologies we have a great variety of RFID tags for textile products:

  • Tags with chips integrated into a small piece of cloth— they are washable, resistant to high and low temperatures, dry-cleaning, pressure, they are flexible and almost invisible;
  • Tags with chips integrated into silicone coating – they are more flexible, stretchy, more wear-resisting than the previous option;
  • Tags with chips integrated into plastic coating (in the shape of buttons) – it’s usually used for uniforms, but they are weak to physical action (it can crack or split apart).

Currently there are testings for RFID tags with chips that are integrated into thread structure.

Modern mobile RFID readers for speedy inventory, as a rule, have an access to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G, it allows to have an inventory in business objects that are remote from the company’s head office and located in a neighboring district or even in another city. The received data are delivered on-line via Internet to remote server or e-mail.

RFID speedy inventory system saves time on counting and searching process of a product. It simultaneously counts up to 400 items per 1 second, meanwhile these products are remote from you. This system tracks product life since its delivery up to its disposal. It’s followed by qualitative analysis and product life history, you also see all maintenance expenses incurred for a specific product selection. Due to this, the owners always have their textile stock at a high level.

It’s simple, user-friendly, quick, precise and what is more important – inexpensive. Isn’t it?!

RFID  technologies always save your money!