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Stealing towels from the gym

Losing lots of stuff: anti-theft system for towel.

Many cases have been reported in the health clubs and gyms that the people are unable to find a clean linen. The main reason is too many towels are being stolen from the gym.

Many gymnasiums have given up giving clean sheets or linen to its members because many people just take the linen, and the gym owner is unable to prevent towel theft and manage the loss. More than 50 theft cases have been reported per month. The clubs fail to handle budgets for the theft. The ownerhas said that if 25 people enter the club, only 2 of them will leave without towel so the percentage is increasing for linen theft.

Stealing towels from the gym now impossible!

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The technologies have introduced the anti-theft system for towels for many recreation centers like spas, swimming pools, and hotels. The integratedelectronic chips help to manage the inventory in the gym. The anti-theft system for gym provides protection against stealing the material. The RFID cabinet helps the customers to return the gym belongings and trace the gym belonging with the microchip embedded in the system. The cabinet consists of two section. One section has clean and fresh towels while other section consists of abasket with dirty or used linen.

When the cabinetneed to be refilled the alarming audio system of the cabinet informs the employee to refill the linen, and the cabinet scans the embedded chips to keep arecord of all the used and unused towels. The anti-theft system for gym proves to be very efficient and maintain a record of linen things by printing a receipt, outcome, disposal and relocation of the inventory.

The RFID cabinet can only be accessed by the member card containing microchips or wristbands. The locker software integrates with the mobile phones and computer system as well. This will let the cabinet trace the customers as well, and the client's record will be saved in the database log. The cabinet has the ability to keep history for a long time.

Now prevent towel theft with anti-theft software because stealing is now not so easy.