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Technology prevent theft

Prevent towel theft with thelatest technology.

Prevent the unauthorized theft in all the recreation centers like gym, hotels, spas and swimming pools.

Many owners were facing the difficulty and facing loss in their business due to the theft. The amount of clients keep on increasing with the season, and the demand of towels gets high. No client agree to share their towels because of bacteria and related infections. In the important matter of theftit is good news for the owners of spas, gyms, hotels and swimming pools that the latest anti-theft system for towels has been introduced. The automated system provides comfort to both customers as well as owners.

In all the recreation centersRFID technology provides the self-service customer cabinet which prevents towel theft. The door of the cabinetopens with the personal card embedded with achip. A separate cost of anemployee for service will be reduced because customers will no longer have to look for the staff to retrieve the clean towel.

It is basically an anti-theft system for towels. Every linen has RFID chip which is washable and cannot be damaged even by the heat or high temperature. If someone wants to use the cabinet,the system scans the chip and keeps the record of inventory. The system is very helpful in the process of return and retrieval of garments and towels.

The cabinet consists of two separate sections. One section is for clean items and other for dirty items. The big display on the cabinet shows the message of Empty Hopper when refilling of clean towels will be required. The cabinet can only be accessed by RFID cards or chips. It helps to keep track of all the belongings with its anti-steal function. So stealing the linen is impossible now.

The cabinet is manufactured by  The new emerging technologies will help to improve the business quality and prevent towel theft shortly.

Tag scanning will prove to be very beneficial for the textile inventory. By just using a chip the textile industry will be able to have a number count of every cloth and store data easily.