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Towel tracking

Hotels use towel tracking.

In the luxury stay at hotels, the customers will be provided with many hotel services which include towels, bathrobes, shampoo, and other related items. Some guests instead of leaving the things back at the hotel, take with them. The towels at the hotel are not the property of the guest which they with thepurpose or without any reason tuck inside their luggage. Stealing towels have become one of the majorproblems among the hoteliers. 
Help comes - towel tracking.

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Many hotels and recreation centers have introduced the automated towel tracker which can only be accessed and used with the cards embedded with chips. Within the last year, hotels have reported the loss of linen materials about 20 percent every month. Stealing towels have been tracked down with the help of electronic tracking chips which are embedded in the towels, bedsheets, bathrobes and other small stuff.


The company who has introduced the linen chip technology does not reveal the names of the hotels to whom they have provided the service, but they are more than 2000 in number. So now the customers have to beware because almost every hotel now have electronic chips in their towels.
The hotels do not want to tell the customers that they possess the linen chip technology because they actually want to gain profit with the latest technology. The microchip technology is now being launched by many companies and serving many hotels in the US and overseas. There has been huge decrease reported in the hotel belongings, and the number of missing items have also reduced.
All the linen stuff when toleave the main entrance of the hotel, an automated signal is alerted to the hotel staff by reporting that the theft is happening. The main entrance scanner scans the chip in the hotel things and alarms the staff. The chip does not indicate the exact location of the linen, but the hotel staff gets to know that which customer is stealing towels.
The primary purpose of the chip technology was to keep track of all the sheets, linen and bathrobes which are sent for the laundry purpose because themajority of the misplacement happens during the laundry services. However, the solution also provides total inventory information and data for wash count and laundry reconciliation.

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